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How to recruit *anyone* on Inazuma Eleven 2 Blizzard/Firestorm (EU ver, via Action Replay)

020DB8D8 00000*** (replace these with the digits below)


2) You need to be able to scout/recruit players in the first place, so you can’t do this right at the beginning of the game.

3) On the Caravan/Bus, talk to Hibiki/Hillman, and Recruit (or Scout, but I prefer recruiting in this case)

4) Select a team and player, pay the FP needed. I usually select Franken from Occult as he’s right at the entrance of Nara.


6) Go wherever the player you were supposed to recruit is, and the player you want should appear instead. In the Franken example, go to Nara, under the cherry blossom tree.

Some digits to accompany the codes (mostly for players you cannot get normally):

919 (Fubuki w/ Atsuya)

943 (“Evil” Sakuma)

97E (Dark Emperors Kazemaru)

88B (Saiji, Forest/Jyukai team captain)

8AD (Young Hibiki)

If you look around these values you can find the rest of the team that player belongs to, for example, if you poke around 8AD you can find the rest of the original Inazuma Eleven. Send me your asks to build upon this list!

And yes, you can get ANY PLAYER IN THE GAME. Even NPCs. That’s how Raimon Boy 20 showed up. Keep in mind NPCs will have no techniques and 1 for every stat.

Another useful tool to find other players is the IE1 Unitbase:

This will tell you the order of the players, but I found there’s plenty of blank values, so the row number (subtract 2 since the first two rows are not players) will not always match the actual address value.

Special thanks to Gilimanolo for finding the code, and the Undub team for the Unitbase dump.

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